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My Pokemon Collection!

Hello all, kinda new to this sorta thing but I figured I'd give it a go! I've been an avid Pokemon Collector for many, many years. I've been obsessed with Pokemon since I was a young child of 10, I'm now 23, lol.

Sadly I did try to outgrow Pokemon a few years back back when I first moved out of my mothers house...tried the whole: "I gotta grow up and be an adult now!" thing, then I met my friend mike at work. Needless to say after chatting with him for months and relishing over my old stuff that I had given up he begged me to get back into it. It didn't take much of course and here I am again! I just adore all the generations of Pokemon and am SUPER stoked about X & Y coming out, October can't come any faster!

My Pokemon Collection is quite small compared to many, but it's a start. I'm trying to expand and am looking out for anything that catches my eyes. I mostly collect Pikachu (he was my first love and the most common thing I can find) and also am looking out for eeveelution products as well. I recently bought a Sylveon Plush from Sunyshore who showed up the other day! I just adore her to pieces!! You can see her tucked in there beside my big Pikachu. <3

Also just look at that fab Pikachu 3DS! My friend Mike mananged to snag that for me, it was the last one in town! When it had come out I had no money left and was so upset, I had wanted it so bad but they all sold out way before I got paid again. "Oh well..." I told myself only a little stung by it. I was planning on getting a 3DS regardless for the new X & Y games but I was really hoping for this one. Little did I know that the next day Mike would surprise me with it! OMG he's such a good friend, I love him so <3
Of course I paid him back, I didn't expect him to just give it to me lol. But I'm still in his dept for just finding it for me. ^-^

I also have a WHOOOLE stack of cards which aren't in this picture. Their all sorted but I need to binders for them before I can display them. Ah well. XD

 photo 1077394_10151536779856889_1425635259_o_zpsfa1f5767.png

Well I suppose I've ranted enough...thanks to all who look!

OH! I haven't told you my fave pokemon yet! My all time fave Pokemon is Luxray, then Pikachu...if you couldn't guess lol. Sadly I don't have much Luxray stuff...only 1 little Luxio figure there. Products of them are so hard to find. ;-;



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